Metron MiniMirror®


To let you see where you couldn’t before

A variety of specialty mirrors are available for different industries. Many more styles are available other than those listed below. Please contact us with your application so we may identify the appropriate product for your requirements.

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Used in various industries, including the Medical, Dental, and Industrial fields, our mirrors are of Optical Quality with bright and extremely sharp reflections.

Metron MiniMirror® can be designed to fit into extremely tiny spaces (0.25″ diameter and smaller), and be as thin as two human hairs.

Features and Benefits

  • The mirror edges are beveled and polished for maximum strength.
  • Available in an assortment of mirror sizes and handles to fit your needs.
  • Medical and Dental mirrors come standard with a clear Autoclavable adhesive.
  • For the ultimate in Scratch Resistance, Metron MiniMirror® are available with an exclusive Diamond Coating.


Our Standard 90º Mirror.
Size: 0.372″ square. Hand held.


M90S – ST – .372″ Square, Plastic Handle


Thinner than our standard M90S.
Size: 0.372″ L x 0.120″ W. Hand held.


M90T-ST – .372″ L X .120 W with Self Standing, adjustable Stainless Handle


Extra Thin mirror.
Size: 0.250″ L x 0.046″ W. Hand held.


Extra Thin mirror.
Size: 0.250″ L x 0.046″ W. with self standing, adjustable Stainless Handle.


Excellent for viewing inside Ball Grid Arrays. Hand held and self standing.
Size: 0.754″ L x 0.190″ W.


I84-ST – .754″ L X .190″ W with Self Standing, adjustable Stainless Handle


I82-ST – .245″ Square with Self Standing, adjustable Stainless Handle


Our 4 piece set (MM4PC) is made up of three of our most popular mirror blanks (M90S, M90T, and the I84BGA). It comes in an ESD padded box and is packaged with a stainless steel pin vise handle making the mirrors telescopic and free standing.

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