DM Line – Diamond Coated Pocked Mirrors

Remarkably Reflective. Incredibly Thin.

Metron® Dental Mirrors are each hand-crafted and polished to prevent chipping. We have the World’s smallest, thinnest, strongest, patented mirrors on the market. Bar None!!!!

Metron® DentalDM

Diamond-Coated Rear Surface Mirrors

For the ultimate in scratch resistance and reflectivity, the Metron® DentalDM rear-surface diamond coated mirrors come with an exclusive patented scratch resistant surface.

Both the blank and the mirror are diamond coated and extremely small and thin allowing the professional to get the mirror into places traditional dental mirrors cannot and offer the ultimate in glare resistance.

You can shoot a picture off our mirrors. Try that with a traditional dental mirror.

DM 5MM Round (DM1)

DM 3MM Round (DM2)

DM Oval (DM3)

DM Rectangle (DM4)