FAQ - Metron Optics, Inc.

Metron Optics General FAQ

Metron Optics products are available directly from Metron and through our worldwide network of distributors. Please contact Metron at (858)755-4477 or email Sales@MetronUSA.com for more information.

All products are made by Metron in the USA.

Metron’s products are RoHS and REACH compliant.

Metron is located in San Diego, California, USA.

Yes, Metron’s products are available internationally.

Our products, such as Metron Marker and Metron MiniMirror, are used in a variety of industries including, aerospace, military, electronics, medical, horticulture, agronomy, apiculture, communications, art, and a variety of other industries. It’s application has been very wide throughout the world.

Metron Marker FAQ

After using a Metron Marker, use the provided clean-out wire to clean-out the needle tip, cap the pen, and store with the needle tip up.

There is approximately 6 ml of ink in a Metron Marker. The standard tip needle has an output of approximately 12,000 dots. The microtip needle dispenses over 25,000 dots.

Remove the cap, insert the provided clean-out wire into the cannula of the needle tip, slide the clean-out wire all the way in, and then remove. If the marker was clogged, the clean-out wire will remove the clog.

Yes, Metron Marker ink will remain if baked at high temperatures. Metron Marker Inks will withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit before discoloring.

Metron Markers are available in a Standard Tip and a Microtip. The standard needle is 1” in length and has an orifice of 0.031”. The Microtip needle is 1” in length and has and orifice is 0.013”.

Metron Markers are available in up to 13 colors. Color selection will vary by ink formula. The Permanent Ink formula is available in 13 colors.

Drying time will depend on the amount of ink dispersed, ink formula, and atmospheric conditions. The ink may dry in as little as 20 seconds or as long as a few minutes. Drying time is a factor of moisture loss, to speed up the drying time, a dryer, hot air, or oven may be used. Although the ink will be hard when dry, it will continue to harden for up to one week.

Metron Markers where designed to be disposable, but some do choose to refill the markers. Bulk ink is available in pints or gallons.

Yes, Metron Marker ink formulas are available in pints, and gallons, or special order 5-gallon container.

The fluid is dispensed by finger pressure. With the cap on, shake the pen for 10 or 15 seconds to activate the ink flow. Pull off the cap and, with the pen in marking position, give it a little squeeze. This is how you feed and control the ink. For a little dot, a little squeeze. For a continuous line, a continuous squeeze. To do lettering, just keep the tip of the needle wet and draw the lines.

Yes, the Metron Marker Solder Flux pens stainless-steel tips allow for continuous dispensing of the solder flux without need to stop, and the finger pressure allows one to dispense the right amount of flux. Other felt tip flux pens will burn if exposed to high heat and do not allow for continuous use.

Once the Removable Ink is removed it will not bleed or leave a stain or residue.

The Solvent Resistant formula is easily removed in hot water.

Metron Marker Permanent Ink formula is used as a torque seal and for torque stripping.

Yes, Metron Marker Empty Pens come available in Standard tip (part# EP) or Microtip (part# EPM).

The shelf life of a Metron Marker Pen is almost indefinite if the moisture level is maintained. Airtight, moisture proof storage is the best way of maintaining the moisture level of the inks. The ink may thicken if not properly stored in as little as three months. The viscosity can be restored to normal by placing a drop of water in the depression of the cap of the pen, sucking it into the pen and then vigorously shaking.

Yes, Metron Marker has been used for torque striping, please see the torque striping page.

Store your Metron Marker upright with the cap on after the needle tip has been cleaned out using the provided clean-out wire.

Yes, custom color services are available, minimum order requirements apply. Contact us at Sales@MetronUSA.com or call (858)755-4477.

Metron MiniMirror FAQ

Yes, the replacement mirrors are interchangeable with the adjustable handles, except for the DM Dental Mirror line.

There is a 4-piece set available that comes with an interchangeable handle and one each of the MiniMirror M90S, M90T, and I84BGA. It is ESD safe and comes in an ESD safe box and packaging.

Metron MiniMirrors with the stainless-steel handle are ESD safe.

Metron MiniMirror custom design services are available. We can design to fit your special needs.

Metron MiniMirror I84 is a rectangular T style wide mirror. Metron MiniMirror I84BGA was designed to see the outer and inner rows of a BGA component, to do this one needs an opposing light opposite the MiniMirror to allow for inner row viewing, the BGA mirror has a felt cover on top of the mirror to block the opposing light from blinding the viewer, the light is focused only on the lower part of the BGA component where the light is needed to see the inner rows.

Yes, the smaller version of the M90S is MiniMirror I82.

Metron MiniMirror replacement mirrors are available for mirrors ordered with an adjustable handle, the handles are reusable. MiniMirrors that come with a plastic handle do not have replacement mirrors available.

Metron MiniMirrors can be used both right and left-handed.

The Metron MiniMirror is made from optically clear glass mirror.

The stainless-steel handle is ESD safe, medical grade stainless-steel, and is maintenance free. The black handle is made of tool-steel and is more economical than the stainless-steel handle.

The adjustable handle allows the mirror to be telescopic and allows the wire shank to be flexible or bendable, the shank on the adjustable handles is also stronger than the plastic handles and less prone to breakage.

The stainless-steel wire shanks are flexible and bendable.