Metron Marker as a Torque Seal, Torque Stripe, Tamper Seal, and Vibration Aid


Metron Marker Permanent Ink formula has been used as a torque seal and for torque stripping by the aerospace, medical, and electronics industries for decades. The Metron Marker allows for a precise application and the available fluorescent colors allow for a fast visual check. The formula has a strong hold that will help keep the parts in place and can aid in vibration proofing and can serve as a tamper indicator. The long tip on the Metron Marker allows for easy access into hard to reach areas.


To use Metron Marker Permanent Ink formula for as a torque stripe, follow these tips:

  1. Make sure the part is properly secure.
  2. For best adhesion, if needed, clean the area the product will be applied to.
  3. Apply the ink to the area so that the two or more adjoining parts are all connected by the applied ink.
  4. Allow the ink to dry. Ambient temperature is fine, the drying process can be speed up by applying warm air.
  5. Upon future inspection, if the torque stripe is broken, the parts have loosened or have been tampered with.