RV Line – Rhodium Front Surface Mirrors

Remarkably Reflective. Incredibly Thin.

Metron® Dental Mirrors are each hand-crafted and polished to prevent chipping. We have the World’s smallest, thinnest, strongest, patented mirrors on the market. Bar None!!!!

Metron® DentalRV

Rhodium-Coated Front Surface Mirrors

Metron® DentalRV is our line of Rhodium-coated Front Surface Mirrors. They offer great quality at a great price. They are made in the US like all of our products and come standard with a stainless steel shaft and stainless, telescopic, reusable handle.

The RV line is ultra-thin and is available in 3 different sizes:

RV 3MM Round Mirror (RV3MM)

RV 5MM-Round-Stainless Steel Handle (RV5MM)

RV Rectangle Mirror-Stainless Steel Handle (RVREC)