Solvent Washoff Ink

The Solvent Washoff Ink will flush off readily with a hot solvent spray such as in a degreaser. Solvent Washoff ink has a neutral solder flux base. The pigment in this ink may settle, so there is a “shaker” is each pen to keep it mixed. It is important that this ink be very thoroughly mixed to facilitate easy removal. This ink may be used to mark soldering errors. It may also be used for marking components. Put your mark beside the error -not on it or you will melt the pigment when you resolder. Solvent Washoff ink has a 3-4 month shelf life.

Solvent Washoff Ink is available in Red (SW1), Green (SW2), Orange (SW3), Blue (SW4),Yellow (SW5). Available in Standard-tip and Micro-tip.