METRON ® 90º MiniMirror ®

Metron Optics, Inc. manufactures highly reflective, optically clear, front and rear surface mirrors. These MiniMirrors® are precision, hand-held instruments available with optional exclusive Diamond Coating that helps prevent scratches. Used throughout the electronics, industrial, medical and dental fields, Metron MiniMirrors
are designed “to let you see where you couldn’t before.

Originally designed as inspection mirrors for the Electronics industry, the Metron 90º Mirrors are designed to allow viewing into challenging and very small spaces. The Metron 90º Mirrors are designed for right or left hand use. The handles are designed to enable easy access under a microscope lens. To achieve a 90º view, the mirror is tilted 45º away from the part. Tilt or rotate the Metron 90º Mirror as you like to get the best view. When used for PCB inspection, the MiniMirrors require no tilting of the board. Components from one row can’t block the view of the solder connections of the next row. The MiniMirrors go between the rows and permit both a top down view and a 90º view while looking in a normal horizontal position. The Metron 90º Mirror can be used to inspect all sides of a component as well as underneath, in 3-D, without changing focus.

The right-angle shape of the two flat edges lets you see front, back and sides with either hand. The flat
edges of the mirror are beveled to permit the mirror surface to coincide with the surface of the PCB. That lets you see under the component even if there is very little space. The Metron 90º Mirror is made very thin to permit its use to 90º even where the parts are closely spaced. The Standard Metron 90º Mirror can be used to 90º wherever the spacing is .225” or wider (and components no higher than .225” from the PCB). When there are component spacing which aremuch narrower, there are additional thinner Metron 90º Mirrors available.

The .120” wide Metron 90º “Thin” mirror (M90T) can be used with component spacing about .080” wide and any height components. For PCB’s with Surface Mount Devices spaced even closer, the .050” wide Metron 90º “Extra
Thin” mirror (M90XT) can be used with component spacing of only .035” and any component height. To see diagonally down a row, tilt the thin mirrors on end and aim down the row. All four sides of a component may be examined by switching the mirrors from one hand to the other.

The Metron BGA MiniMirrors (I84-BGA or I86-BGA) are specially designed to inspect both the outer and inner rows of the Ball Grid Arrays. These MiniMirrors are self standing or hand held and are mounted on a flexible telescopic wire shaft. They come with an option of Stainless Steel or Black handle.

Allowing you to see “Where you couldn’t see before”. Precision instruments designed to fit into extremely tiny spaces. A variety of sizes, styles and angles for your special needs. Ridged and flexible tools in 90º views or to bend as needed for your perfect view.

Metron MiniMirrors are Optically Clear Quality for bright and sharp reflections. Made of glass, all have beveled edges and are polished for maximum strength. MiniMirrors as small as 0.035” diameter. Some mirrors are autoclavable.

A full line of standard mirrors, as well as custom design services. Exclusive Diamond “Scratch resistant” coating is optional.

Manufactured by Metron Optics, Inc. San Diego, California USA