Solvent Resistant Ink

THE SOLVENT RESISTANT INK is an entirely unique kind of marking liquid with some remarkable resistance to a wide range of solvents and extremely good adhesion to some difficult materials. It will withstand boiling in Trichlorethylene, Acetone, Carbon Tetrachloride, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, alcohols, Freon, Benzol, Cyclohexane and virtually any known organic solvent. It does not etch or attack most surfaces. It has exceptionally good adhesion to glass, quartz, ceramics, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, solder, chrome and most plastics including polyethylene. It will even mark on Teflon if a very light oil film is applied to the Teflon.

Solvent Resistant ink is a non-toxic, water based, one part ink with indefinite shelf life so long as moisture loss is replaced. It requires no hardening or baking. It will withstand about 350ºF. before the fluorescent pigments begin to change color. Solvent Resistant inks (except black, red and white) when applied on glass or plastic surfaces and heated in air above 200ºF may become water resistant as well as Solvent Resistant. If you intend to remove it with water don’t bake it.

When the Metron Marker® with Solvent Resistant ink stands motionless, the pigments will separate in a few hours. There is a “shaker” in each pen which will readily put the pigment back into uniform suspension when the pen is shaken. Solvent Resistant ink when dry is relatively hard but soft enough to permit a sharp object to scratch through it without chipping off the rest of the mark. Solvent Resistant ink may be removed easily and completely in HOT WATER, providing it has not been baked. The Solvent Resistant ink is so unique it is Patented.

Solvent Resistant ink is available in Red (SR1), Green (SR2), Orange (SR3), Blue (SR4),Yellow (SR5), Black (SR6), White (SR7). Available in Standard-tip and Micro-tip.