Aquaclean Ink

Flushes off very easily and thoroughly with hot water, our AquaClean Ink formula is a very thick, fast-drying ink. AquaClean ink is a specialized ink that was originally developed for use on G10 glass filled epoxy P.C. Boards used for military applications. It is used for marking faults (such as incomplete flux removal) where the P.C. Board will then go through Freon or Trichlorethane degreasers. The AquaClean ink must withstand such degreaser action so that the fault (traces of flux) can be rechecked after degreasing. Final cleaning is done with hot water.

Our AquaClean Formula is only available in our standard tip. Available in Green (AC2), Orange (AC3), Blue (AC4) and Yellow(AC5). Available in Standard-tip.