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Since 1971 Metron has created high precision, high quality inspection mirrors, marking pens and accessories for clients worldwide. We work with an impressive range of industries, including electronic, industrial and medical firms who have trusted us to provide them with outstanding products for more than 40 years. Our customers know that as technology evolves, so too do we. We strive to constantly pioneer new cutting edge products that make their jobs easier and their products and services more credible.

Our meticulous attention to detail goes beyond our design and manufacturing processes; it permeates every area of our business, from sales and customer service to our excellent post-sale support.

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Metron Optics, Image of Metron Marker fault marker dot on circuit board

Metron Marker®

How to use your Metron Marker®

Our range of pens, pints, gallons and air dispensed ink syringes are used in industries as diverse as aerospace and art. With an interchangeable selection of different colors, ink formulas, needles and tips to choose from, incredibly fine lettering is easily achieved in a whole host of applications. We also offer micro tip empty markers which you can load with a fluid of your choice.

Metron Optics, Metron Marker, Metron Lube Electrical contact lubricant pen, oil pen

Metron® Speciality Fluids

From our pressure sensitive Liquid 2-Way Tape, to our electrical contact lubricant, Metronlube-1, and from the Metron water peelable solder mask to the GluePen, MetronLOCK threadlocker and numerous inks including solvent wash off ink and vibration proof ink, we have something for every project, job or application. Get in touch and tell us what you need.

Metron Optics, Metron MiniMirror M90S, inspection mirror inspecting circuit board, 90 degree mirror

Metron MiniMirror®

Download M90S data sheet

Clients in the medical, dental and industrial fields the world over rely on Metron’s speciality mirrors that are designed to fit into exceptionally tiny spaces and can be as thin as just two human hairs. Choose from a variety of mirror sizes and handles and opt for our diamond coated surface mirrors if you’re looking for the ultimate in scratch resistance.

Metron Optics, Metron MiniMirror, Dental Mirror, DM line dental pocket mirror, diamond coated dental mirror

Metron® Dental Mirrors

We are proud to say that we have the smallest, thinnest, strongest patented mirrors on the market - without exception. Plus, you can even shoot a picture off our mirrors - why would you buy your dental mirrors anywhere else? Choose from highly scratch resistant diamond coated mirrors or our affordable rhodium coated surface mirrors.

Globally available, internationally respected

Metron products are setting industry standards - everywhere

Metron Optics work with a worldwide network of trained and knowledgeable distributors who are ready and waiting to assist you with your order. No matter what product or solution you are looking for, Metron staff, or our global team, can help. From our water soluble solder masks to dental mirrors and solvent resistant ink, if you have inspection, testing or marking requirements, we can help you fulfill them.