Permanent Ink

Permanent ink has become a standard for marking errors on printed circuit boards in electronic companies worldwide. Permanent ink is a water based, flexible, non-conductive and water resistant ink which may be applied from our Metron Marker pen to almost any surface including Teflon, and even where an oily film is present. Adhesion will, of course, vary with the surface to which it is applied. Waterproof, non-toxic, and flexible, Permanent ink is used in electronics, medical, aerospace, communications, museums, horticulture and various other industries. Permanent ink may also be used as a Torque Seal, for vibration proofing or for tamper proofing. Permanent ink is available in Red (P1), Green (P2), Orange (P3), Blue (P4),Yellow (P5), Brown (P6), Violet (P7), Grey (P8), Black (P9), White (P10), Gold (P11), Silver (P12)and Transparent (P13). Our Transparent Ink (Metron Marker Transflour) fluoresces blue under Ultraviolet light and comes standard in Micro-tip. Available in Standard-tip and Micro-tip (Gold and Silver not available in Micro-tip).